Parrots Molting In Cold Temperatures

Do I need lamps for my birds during colder weather?

Q: I have an Africa grey and a cockatiel. Both are 8 months old, we live in the mountains of North Carolina and it gets really cold here. We have been leaving our furnace on 58 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit at night and I have put black heat lamps near the cages of both birds. The birds are molting and shedding very badly could it be the heat lamps? Do you think I need lamps on them when the house does not get below 58 degrees Fahrenheit? Do you have any suggestions about how to stop all the feathers? I’m desperate for help as feathers are going every where. Thanks and God Bless!

Jean Pattison explains the appropriate temperature for the environment of an African greyJean Pattison, also known as “The African Queen,” explains:

Anytime there are drastic temperature changes, especially when not coinciding with length of light, birds molt. Daylight hours also play a role in the molt. House birds can deal easily with 40-50 degree temperatures. In your situation, I would not use the heat lamps. They are probably way too warm for the birds. I have a naked (plucked) Jardine’s that was given to me. He is outside with a heated nest box and when our temps drop I find him out of his warm nest box, playing and running around in 45 degree weather, and he has very few feathers.

And don’t forget, they have “down” body suits.

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