Parrots Keep Going And Going

I just proofed Sally Blanchard’s upcoming article on high-energy parrots, which mentions the two “poster-birds” for high-energy birds: lories and caiques (Bird Talk’s August issue). The day in the life of a lory or caique owner must be truly exciting with all that rolling, hopping and jumping going on.

My own flock has their moments of cheer energy madness, but they are in short spurts and only a couple of times a day; like when Ollie does his conure back-and-forth sway dance when he first sets eyes on me and Gracie does the cockatiel “run up to the mirror/walk away from the mirror” thing repeatedly.

I imagine having a caique or lory over for a visit would be like inviting my spastic cousin over, “Hey guys, I’ve got Rock Band in the car and a six-pack of Red Bull.”

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