Parrot Tells Woman Her Husband Is Cheating On Her, Because That’s What Real Friends Do

Your cheating heart will tell on you. Also, your bird will.

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Some parrots might be more trustworthy than spouses. Via TransientEternal/iStock/Thinkstock
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They say a spouse is always the last to know about a partner’s extramarital affair. Like, even your pet bird will know before you do, so let’s all start listening to people’s birds and maybe considering them the true partners in some homes.

A parrot in Kuwait is one such informed party, according to a recent Metro UK story. The bird repeated some colorful phrases that a woman claims her husband used with the couple’s maid, proving the affair between them.

Apparently, she’d suspected her husband had been getting with the maid for a while. When the bird began repeating “flirty phrases,” as the news site says, the woman decided to use it as evidence against her husband and potentially put him away for being a philanderer. And too chatty. And cliché (The maid? C’mon.) And breaking vows. And… we could go on.

Parrots are up in your business. Of course they know what’s up at home. Via GIPHY

Anyway, the Gulf state takes adultery seriously. It’s illegal and can carry a prison sentence or hard labor. The parrot’s testimony could have sealed the husband’s fate.

But that won’t happen, because authorities invalidated the bird’s real talk. They said it was unproven whether the parrot had been repeating something it had heard on the TV or the radio. The case did not proceed.

Although the parrot wasn’t deemed a credible witness by the court, the wife has a hunch that the bird’s right. It sounds like those two have a tighter relationship than the marriage. Maybe this bird bestie is the real keeper in this house.

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