Parrot Takes First Selfie, Is All About It

There’s no going back for George the African grey.

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"Who's a pretty bird? ME." Via MARLENEMCCOHEN/Rumble
Anastasia Thrift

Ever shy about putting your pics online? Some people like it less than others. Some, though, are in love with the camera being in love with them.

George is one of those people, except he’s a bird. In a clip posted on Rumble by MARLENEMCCOHEN, the African grey parrot discovers his image in a cell phone video and can’t turn away.

He laughs a little at first, then says a low “Hey.” So casual. Then he warms up to his own reflection and says “George?”

Once he fully recognizes himself he warms right up. He goes into full flirtation mode with himself and can’t look away.

It’s all over from there. We can expect a lot more selfies, Facebook live videos, Snaps… all the things.

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