Parrot Sets Record On Guinness World Records Day

Talented bird felt humbled by the honor.

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Skipper is an elite athlete.
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Records were made to be broken. Ask Skipper Blue, who recently annihilated the competition in the world of stacking-rings-on-sticks. Take that, whoever else is stacking stuff.

Skipper the macaw took on the hoopla challenge for Guinness World Records Day November 16 and nailed it. According to Guinness World Records, the Los Angeles parrot placed 19 rings on a target in one minute.

Trainer Wendy Horton coached Skipper during her challenge.  Via  Guinness World Records

Skipper gets coaching — but no hands-on help — from Trainer Wendy Horton. Via Guinness World Records

Trainer Wendy Horton prompted Skipper during the event while Guinness World Records adjudicator Sofia Greenacre timed it. Following the rules, Horton did not touch Skipper while she worked toward her goal.

“Skipper bounced up and down which can only be understood as she was very happy for this record!” Horton said after the successful attempt.

Stack attack!  Via  Guinness World Records

Stack attack! Via Guinness World Records

She joins the ranks of other animal record holders, like balloon-popping dogs and super-long cats. Also, she gets a certificate and a pretty great affirmation from Guinness.

“Congratulations, Skipper — you are officially amazing!” Greenacre told the talented bird.

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