I took my two dogs for a walk this morning and no sooner had I reached the end of the block then a flock of Amazons flew over. Noisy and rambunctious, they flew into the trees lining the street I walked on. Now this is a common sight in my neighborhood, but I thought taking some pictures of my playful green neighbors for my blog would be a good idea. Unfortunately, trying to take photos with my cell phone while walking two dogs is not a good idea. The leashes became tangled and it was hard to hold the cell phone still. What’s more, the birds didn’t appreciate all the commotion. They flew off and I didn’t get any good shots. So I took the dogs back to the house, grabbed my Canon PowerShot and took a walk in my neighborhood. I walked for 20 minutes all around and took a number of photos, but none of them were of the parrots. I could hear them from time to time, calling to each other as they flew around nearby &mdashl; taunting me. But alas, I didn’t get a single photo. However, I am enclosing all the photos I did get so you can see the kind of California neighborhood that naturalized Amazons and conures make their home. 

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