Parrot Harness Hints

Check out these seven bird harness tips

1. What’s your bird’s favorite treat?  Reserve this treat for a reward during training.

2. Begin training sessions on a bed, couch or floor for soft landings if your bird gets spooked at the sight of the harness.

3. At first, simply show the bird the harness. Allow time for the bird to become interested in this un-familiar accessory.

4. Begin by lying part of the harness cross the bird’s back or nape.  If the bird panics, remove it immediately.

5. Have you ever noticed how some macaws drape toys over and under their wings? These birds may be excellent candidates for harnesses.

6. Can leashes take the place of carriers? No, a carrier is a safe haven. A bird unrestrained in a car or on a leash can slam into a windshield or could wander around the car.

7. Never leave your bird unattended while it’s wearing a harness. Don’t tie the leash to a cage or other stationary object. Hold it in your hand.
Caution: A fully flighted bird is always at risk for escape or injury. Have your bird’s wing feathers trimmed before taking it outdoors under any circumstances.

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