Video: Parrot Doesn’t Do Mornings

She’s not a morning person. Well, she’s not a person at all. But if she were, she wouldn’t be one that likes the a.m.

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Go away. Via 2Parrots/Rumble

It’s usually clear whether you are a morning person or a night person. (Have you heard of these morning people? They make up new times like “5 a.m.”) Same goes for the animal kingdom.

One parrot is very in touch with her circadian rhythms, a video on Rumble shows. The bird, who looks like a Lutino Indian Ringneck Parakeet, comes down hard on the “let me sleep in, please” side.

She even has a bird buddy come over and try to get her up. No luck.

"Wakey wakey."  Via irn_rio/Rumble

“Wakey wakey.” Via irn_rio/Rumble

Finally, someone’s hand comes in and lets her know with a head pat that she’s off the
hook. If that would only happen for the rest of us.

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