Paris Hilton Launches Dog Fashion Collection

Socialite Paris Hilton teams with California dog fashion maker for "fashion-forward” line.

Paris Hilton, who was once voted the “World’s Worst Celebrity Dog Owner” in an online poll, has launched a line of pet wear with Little Lily, a California-based pet lifestyle brand, Little Lily announced on Monday.

The Paris Hilton Pet Collection will include a range of apparel and accessories as well as bedding and toys for “fashion-forward dogs,” according to a statement from Little Lily.

Lara Alameddine and Daniel Dubiecki, co-creators of Little Lily, said they will collaborate with Hilton in the design and development of the collection, inspired by Hilton’s lifestyle and “trend-setting fashion sense.”

“As one of the first celebrities to embrace fashion for dogs, Paris is an inspiration to Little Lily,” said Alameddine.

Hilton, the 25-year-old heir to the Hilton Hotels fortune, has been photographed with fashionably dressed dogs at red-carpet events through the years. Chihuahua Tinkerbell, the starlet’s onetime constant companion, lives with Hilton’s mom, Kathy. Hilton has denied reports that she gave up ownership of the dog.

The collection will appear in stores over the next few months, and prices will range from $25 to $350, according to Little Lily.

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