Paris Hilton Denied New Puppy

The heiress was reportedly turned down trying to buy a puppy from an L.A. pet shop.

Paris Hilton was reportedly turned down trying to buy a Yorkshire Terrier at a pet shop in Los Angeles during a recent stop. Or was she?

According to a New York Post gossip item, Hilton – who told Ellen DeGeneres during a February interview that she owns 17 dogs – tried to buy a Yorkie on the way to a photo shoot. The Post says an employee of L.A.’s The Puppy Store wouldn’t allow her to purchase the dog as an “impulse buy.”

Hilton supposedly didn’t take the news well, and started yelling, “I love my puppies! I want my baby!”

Hilton’s publicist says the heiress did not attempt to buy a dog at the store, and only “walked by and looked in” the shop before moving on down the street to visit boyfriend Benji Madden’s clothing store DMCA Collective. The rep did note to Access Hollywood that Hilton already has a Yorkie and “doesn’t need more.”

The Puppy Store declined to comment on the story.

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