Cat Politely Asks For Headbutts

Meet the most polite attention hound (um, cat) ever.

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"'Scuse me but can we headbutt now? Thanks." Via mrlnmns0n/Rumble
Anastasia Thrift

Manners take you far in life. Dealing with someone polite is just so much nicer, isn’t it?

When a cat politely asks for petting in a Rumble video posted by mrlnmns0n, it’s hard for the person standing nearby to say no. The video title calls kitty “The Excuse Me Cat” and we think that name’s pretty appropriate.

Source: The "Excuse Me" Cat Refuses To Be Ignored! Must See! by mrlnmns0n on Rumble

Kitty notices someone idly standing by, who seems like a nice person who could spare some time for head pats. Yet it isn’t head pats this cat wants, it’s headbutts, and the guy obliges.

The next round of requests are a little more demanding. That only means that the super-cute taps are slightly firmer. And they’re still super sweet and adorable so, again, the cat gets rewarded with headbutts.

A little politeness goes a long way. This cat proves it, and so we know we owe kitty a heartfelt thank you.

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