Parasites and Zoonoses Issues

Learn why veterinarians are better equipped than ever to help with parasite and zoonoses issues.

Parasites can be worse for your pet than anything visible to the eyeMicroscopic organisms we cannot see are often more hazardous than dangers that can be seen by the human eye. Parasites can harm your cats health and quality of life and sometimes even harm you and your family. Pesky parasites such as fleas can make life miserable for your pet and cause everyone in the home discomfort if the house becomes infested. Internal parasites such as heartworms and roundworms can cause health problems that will greatly diminish your cats quality of life. The best measure of defense against parasites is to consult your veterinarian about preventive medications and ways to lessen the chance of parasites in your cats environment. Pay close attention to strange behavior in your cat, which can often be a signal that a parasite is at work. 

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