Paralyzed Mother Cat Drags Herself To Search For Her Kittens

The power of a mother’s love is so strong that even after a cat was nearly killed she still sought out her babies.

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Severe abuse and near death couldn't keep this Calico cat away from her kittens. Via Sawyers Gully Animal Rescue Weston/Facebook
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The bond between mother and baby is one of the strongest forces in nature. In one case, it was powerful enough to take down an animal abuser.

Calico cat Princess is so dedicated to her litter that she dragged her half-paralyzed body to the spot where her kittens were last seen before the attack that crippled her, according to the Facebook page for Sawyers Gully Animal Rescue Weston. The rescue group, based in Weston, New South Wales, Australia, took her into its care and reunited Princess with her kittens last month, and also began raising funds to treat the mother cat’s injuries.

Princess became paralyzed from the waist down after her back was broken by an angry homeowner. A neighbor had been feeding the stray cat and watching over her 1-week-old kittens outdoors. One day, she heard a loud bang and went outside to investigate. She saw her neighbor holding the cat upside down by her tail. When she asked if the cat had been killed he responded, “Well it shouldn’t have been in my yard,” according to a Facebook post.

The neighbor called Royal Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals (RSPCA) to help save the kittens. She also called Dee Walton, owner of Sawyers Gully.

Princess lost the use of her body below her waist. Via Sawyers Gully Animal Rescue Weston/Facebook

Princess lost the use of her body below her waist. Via Sawyers Gully Animal Rescue Weston/Facebook

“Naturally I asked her to report the man to the Police and RSPCA,” Walton wrote on Facebook.

The details that emerged were appalling. They revealed that Princess was thrown against a trailer repeatedly until her back broke, her legs broke and her teeth broke. What stayed, however, was her will to live.

“The next day, I find out that Mumma cat wasn’t dead and she dragged herself back to where she had her kittens.” Walton continued. “It must have taken her hours in excruciating pain as her only instinct was to get back to her babies regardless of the pain she was in.”

X-rays show the extent of Princess' injuries. Via Sawyers Gully Animal Rescue Weston/Facebook

X-rays show the extent of Princess’ injuries. Via Sawyers Gully Animal Rescue Weston/Facebook

Princess was picked up by the RSPCA and reunited with her kittens, then they all were brought to Sawyers Gully where Walton began seeking medical aid for the cat and raising funds to pay for necessary treatments. Princess cannot relieve herself on her own and needs meds twice daily. Vets say surgery to address the paralysis would do more harm than good; Walton is looking for ways to create a custom wheelchair for Princess.

Within days, the GoFundMe account set up by Walton met its goal of $10,000. It has since exceeded that and is approaching $17,000. Walton expressed her gratitude to the many who contributed. She also applauded the cat’s caretaker, who took a bold step.

“The witness has decided to come forward to contact the RSPCA to see if we can get this man prosecuted,” Walton wrote on Facebook. “Please understand this is a huge step for a single mum to come forward to face a bully who she is scared of. We applaud you and are behind you 100%.”

After naming him, the man was arrested in relation to the injuries inflicted on Princess.

Princess got justice, along with the love of a caring support group and a reunion with her kittens. She has brought to light the ugliness of abuse — as well as the enduring strength of a mother’s bond.

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