Paralyzed Guinea Pig Gets Wheelchair

A rescued guinea pig who was paralyzed is mobile again thanks to the efforts of people who cared about her fate.

Estella the guinea pig in her wheelchair
Via Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary/Facebook 
The wheelchair needs some final tweaks, but Estella is already looking good in it.

In June, the Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary in California’s San Joaquin Valley posted on its Facebook page that Estella the guinea pig had been found abandoned beside a road in Calaveras County. She and the guinea pig with her were turned over to a local animal shelter. The unique part of the story is that Estella had a broken back. Her lower limbs and back no longer worked. Prey animals like guinea pigs can sometimes “give up,” but Estella never did. After a month at the local shelter, she was taken in by Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary, which promptly gave her pain relief and vet care for her injury.

This video posted to the Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary Facebook page shows that Estella could only rest in her bed. 

ESTELLA’S WISH: Meet Estella the Guinea Pig – the newest arrival and smallest resident at the sanctuary. Estella arrived at Harvest Home in bad shape recently. A child squeezed her so hard that her back broke. Thereafter, she was abandoned on the side of the road in Calaveras County. Sitting at a local animal shelter, she received no pain relief or vet care for an entire month.Although she is now safe with us, Estella is plagued by a permanent disability. She no longer has use of her lower limbs or back. But, she has a strong will to survive.With your help, we hope to purchase a customized wheelchair for Estella. Join us in raising $500 for her wheelchair and ongoing vet care. Make a donation today in Estella’s honor: her lounging on her little couch at the sanctuary:

Posted by Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary on Saturday, June 13, 2015

The nonprofit organization started a fundraiser to get Estella an animal wheelchair so she could be mobile again. The necessary $500 for the chair and her vet care was raised, and the group posted status updates. On October 18, a photo shows Estella wearing her new wheels. She looks like a pretty calm, happy guinea pig. 

GUINEA PIG WHEELCHAIR! Now full grown, Estella the Disabled Guinea Pig got her measurements today to be fitted for her…

Posted by Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary on Monday, September 7, 2015

Estella’s new custom wheelchair is almost ready to ride. Just a few more adjustments and it’s time to rock and roll!

Posted by Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary on Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary website states that the sanctuary almost always operates at near capacity, but it does prioritize rescuing animals at risk of euthanasia or with special needs. Estella certainly had some special needs, but thanks to the caring person who found her, the person who alerted Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary to her plight, generous donors, the Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary and others, she now seems to have the happy life anyone could wish for a pet. Life will take some extra effort for her, but she seems ready for it.
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