Paralyzed Dog Walks For First Time, Makes Pet Parent (and You) Cry

We are all left in tears after a previously paralyzed dog surprises his owner by walking up to her.

Source: Woman sees her dog walk for first time after miracle surgery by LittleThingsVideo on Rumble

Sammi is a Springer Spaniel. Unfortunately the pup had excess bone near his spinal column that a veterinary surgeon was unable to remove, causing Sammi’s health to decline and rendering him paralyzed, rumble reports. Sammi had become a quadriplegic.

In what must have been immensely difficult to see (can you imagine having a dog who went from walking around like every other dog to not being able to walk at all?!) and his humans reportedly prayed for his health to improve. The family too Sammi to the California Animal Rehabilitation center in Santa Monica, Calif., where, even though veterinarians feared the worst, he received intense rehabilitative care. That rehabilitation took place daily for three months, rumble reports. When his pet parent went to visit him, she got the surprise of a lifetime. And it’s one that will surely leave you in tears. Happy tears. The family’s prayers had been answered.

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