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From Yorkshire Terriers to Great Danes, dogs throughout the country are experiencing a boon of unprecedented pampering.

Pampered PetIf every dog has his day, then only the luckiest of dogs has his day at the spa. From Yorkshire Terriers to Great Danes, dogs throughout the country are experiencing a boon of unprecedented pampering. Are you ready for the latest in doggie spoil-dom?

Putting on the Ritz
Some people wouldn’t think of leaving their dogs home when they travel, so they choose dog-friendly destinations and travel accommodations. Of course, you can opt for a dog-friendly camping site, but why sleep on the ground when the Ritz-Carlton offers pet packages worthy of the most diamond-deserving pooch — even if your shaggy mutt is a diamond in the ruff.

The Ritz on South Beach in Miami, offers a Bow Wow Pampering Package for special pups, including a dog bed with Frette linens, two crystal bowls of FIJI water, a six-piece poochi sushi dinner (made of peanut butter) placed by the bed, and doggie bon-bons for dessert.

With New York Ritz’s V.I.P. (Very Important Pooch) service, doggie divas have the use of chic pet carriers and 22-karat gold-plated ID tags, aromatherapy coat treatments, home-baked dog treats, ceramic dinnerware, bone-shaped plush pillows, and quilted travel mats. Rainproof trench coats, leather jackets and cashmere sweaters are on loan as well. 

The Ritz in Coconut Grove, Fla., employs a Bow Wow Butler who greets your doggie guest and takes him on a limo ride to a local groomer; the Ritz in Washington holds a Muttini Hour for networking professionals and their dogs. And if you find yourself in San Francisco, your dog can order from the Ritz’s doggie room service menu: raw chopped beef tenderloin with boiled sliced baby carrots, sauted lamb loin with steamed white rice, or ground chicken breast baked with brown rice.

Aah, the spa
Whether or not you travel with your pooch, you can still spoil him with a trip to your local luxury doggie spa. Craig Schlossberg takes his Great Dane Disco to romp and be primped at Biscuits and Bath three days a week. According to Chief Executive Officer Scott Smith, they paint a lot of nails, cater doggie birthday parties, and have people who want to have their dogs hair styled like their own.

“We have a couple of clients who have plastic surgeons for their dogs, Smith says. They ask that we call them right away if the dog should get a nick or a scrape because they have the plastic surgeon on standby, just in case,” Smith says.

A regular spa appointment can often stave off the plastic surgeon for a while. Aidee Burt, owner of Chihuahua Tiki, Chihuahua mix Casey, and Moggy, a Schnauzer-Pomeranian mix, takes each of her dogs for a massage once a month. The dogs also have an acupuncturist.

“[My dogs are] living beings just like me, and I feel that they should have the best of the best,” Burt says. “I believe there is medicinal value to all of the pampering that I do. One of the Chihuahuas that I had lived to be 20 years old.”

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