Pajama Catfish (Synodontis flavitaeniaus)

Bonus content from the January 2011 AFI magazine article Five African Catfish.

Keeping Synodontis flavitaeniaus

Scientific name: Synodontis flavitaeniatus

Popular name: Pajama catfish

Distribution: Democratic Republic of the Congo in rivers and pools

Maximum total length: 8 inches

Food: Invertebrates, small fish and crustaceans. In captivity, they will feed on flakes, shredded shrimp and tablet foods.

Breeding: Adult males are smaller than females. They have been commercially spawned and reared in recent years.

Maintenance: Peaceful toward most fish, though it can be territorial to its own kind. The juvenile pajama catfish has a unique and striking color pattern of horizontal yellow and brown stripes. It was once much sought-after by catfish enthusiasts. As with most species of this genus, this species has a good reputation for longevity in captivity.

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