Painting a Dog a Day

Pet portrait artist Kimberly Kelly Santini’s work is going to the dogs for "Painting a Dog a Day.”

Just five months into her daily painting project, artist Kimberly Kelly Santini is hard at work painting a dog portrait every work day for the remainder of the year. The project, called “Painting a Dog a Day,” was dreamt up by the Michigan-based artist who’s chronicled the 100-plus painting project on her blog and website.

“I was following other artist’s daily work, and how much they were learning. I wanted that experience for myself,” Santini muses.

Each day Santini features a portrait of a canine subject accompanied by a short biography detailing the creative process and her personal approach to the piece.

“Daily paintings are a common practice among artists,” Santini says. “They’re designed as creative stretching exercises, setting the stage for a productive day’s work.”

Most of Santini’s canine subjects are drawn from dog photos she’s accumulated over the years.

Every portrait is done in acrylic on canvasboard, ranging from 4- to 8-square inches in size. Santini’s portraits are up for grabs on a first-to-e-mail-her, first-served basis.
Additionally, Santini is currently accepting requests for dog-a-day portraits.

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