Ozzy Osbourne’s Dog Dies

Pomeranian died following a coyote attack at the star’s Los Angeles estate.

Ozzy Osbourne is “devastated” following the death last week of his Pomeranian dog Little Bit, who was felled by a coyote.

Posting on Twitter, daughter Kelly Osbourne said the dog, who died at her parents’ Los Angeles estate, was like the former Black Sabbath rocker’s “other woman.”

A source close to the family added that Ozzy and wife Sharon adore all their dogs. “It’s like losing a family member,” the source told The Sun newspaper. “They are both devastated.”
Earlier this year, Ozzy claimed he and Sharon owned 18 dogs.

“We get them from the pound now,” he told an Associated Press reporter. “When I get home it’s like I’ve got four new dogs.”

Added Sharon: “Word’s got out in Los Angeles: ‘Anybody [who] finds a stray dog, call the Osbournes, they’ll take the dog.’”

Sharon Osbourne serves as a judge on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent.” Her autobiography, “Extreme,” has sold 2 million copies.

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