Oxbow Sponsors Exotic Pet Symposium

The 2009 Exotic Companion Animal Symposium was sponsored by Oxbow Animal Health.

Oxbow Animal Health of Murdock, Nebraska, recently sponsored the 2009 Exotic Companion Animal Symposium, which was hosted by Avian and Exotic Animal Care on April 26, 2009, in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Topics this year ranged from the principles of critical care for exotic companion mammals to rabbit and ferret gastrointestinal disease.

Angela Lennox, DVM, president of the Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians, was the featured presenter. Other speakers included Dan Johnson, DVM, of Avian and Exotic Animal Care and Micah Kohles, DVM, of Oxbow Animal Health and the Nebraska Animal Medical Center.

“Oxbow was proud to sponsor the 2009 Exotic Companion Animal Symposium,” said Melissa Ross, marketing operations manager at Oxbow. “The lectures and presentations at this year’s symposium offered participants the insight of three exceptional professionals in the small exotic animal community. To be part of such a productive exchange of ideas and knowledge gives us great confidence in the state of exotic animal health care. We feel privileged to be able to help support the advancement of exotic mammal health and medicine through this special forum.”

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