Owners Of Klepto Cat On Crime Spree Use Social Media To Return Stolen Items

Stealing from your neighbors is a victimfull crime and one thieving cat’s owners want to make things right.

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"I'm in your yard stealin' your gloves." Via Global News
Anastasia Thrift

Are you missing a pair of socks? Some gardening gloves? A… bra?

A Vernon, British Columbia, Canada, couple want to know because their cat might have stolen them from you, Global News reports. The owners of Sketch have found random items around their house over the past two months that they realized had been brought in by their longhaired tabby cat, lifted with a “five-claw discount” from neighbors.

“She brings home some weird, random stuff,” owner Cindy Schmidt told the news outlet. “One time she left a bra on my bed.”

The 2-year-old cat began her life of crime only recently, and her family is unsure where the thirst for stolen merchandise will end. Schmidt told Global News: “How do you get her to stop? She’s a cat.”

Portrait of a criminal mastermind.   Via  Global News

Portrait of a criminal mastermind. Via Global News

Schmidt would like to reunite these possessions with their rightful owners. Posts to social media already have brought together people and their pilfered goods.

No word on whether the bra owner has come forward.

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