Family Of Dog With Deformed Legs Seek Solution To Help Her Get Mobile

Rexi was born with a condition that rendered her front legs unusable.

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Rexi’s best friends are searching for a solution to help Rexi get more mobile. Via Rexi needs your help/GoFundMe
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Rexi’s best friends are searching for a solution to help Rexi get more mobile. When she was only 10 weeks old, the now 1-year-old Golden Retriever lost complete use of her front legs and now, instead of her legs pointing down, they point up.

Rexi’s veterinarian diagnosed her with a neurological disorder, and another suggested something that her owners in Victorville, California, immediately refused to do.

“Even one of the vets said, ‘Maybe you should think about putting her down,'” James Cassity, Rexi’s owner told KABC 7. “She is like family to us you know. We don’t have any kids so this is kind of like our kid right here and we treat her like that.”

The owners are trying to find a way that will help her move about easier. They purchased a dog wheelchair for her but when she hits a rock the wheelchair flips and they don’t want to injure her, so they stopped using it, according to KABC 7. She also wears a vest because she spends so much time resting on her chest.

They are hoping someone can come up with a solution for Rexi. In the meantime, Rexi’s family have set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for any solution that might help their dog.

“Any kind of invention, somebody who knows something about dogs missing their front legs or handicapped, maybe some kind of doctor who knows about a surgery,” Cassity told KABC 7.

If you’d like to help or have suggestions, you can visit the Rexi needs your help GoFundMe page.

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