Owner Outraged After Groomer Shaves Cat’s Fur Off

Natalie Thompson says that her cat Ollie hasn't been himself since nearly all of his fur was buzzed off.

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This cat's expression says it all. Via Cavendish Press/Twitter

If you’ve ever gotten a terrible haircut — whether it was an asymmetrical Flock of Seagulls-style disaster or an up-do that made you look like a lesser-known Conehead — you know how traumatic it can be and how it can affect your self-esteem.

That’s what Natalie Thompson says her cat, Ollie, is going through after being almost completely shaved by groomer in Gateshead, England, The Telegraph reports.

“Ollie just kind of looks a little bit lost, he looks really sad,” she told The Telegraph. “I can’t describe it he’s just not himself. You never really see him and now he’s just here all the time round your legs for a cuddle.”

Ollie had been to the Pets At Home store for grooming before and had always been returned “perfect,” with his fur intact, she told the paper.

But the staff at the store say that, this time, Ollie had some serious knots and tangles, the kind that couldn’t just be brushed or neatly cut out. The “close clip,” which resembles a lion cut, is sometimes required when an animal’s fur is extremely matted, a spokesperson told The Telegraph.

The store reportedly apologized for not fully explaining what the process may entail and offered Thompson a refund and a gift certificate for the store (“You can go and buy him a [sweater],” Thompson’s mother said she was told). But, with or without the refund, it could take up to six months for Ollie’s fur to grow back.

Watch our video on how to get rid of nasty tangled mats in your cat’s coat:

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