Owner Completes Last Item on Late Dog’s Bucket List

Poh’s big adventure is complete, now that the dog’s owner made it to the final destination.

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Poh's spirit made it to the last spot on his bucket list, Disney World. Via Poh The Dog's Big Adventure/Instagram
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Poh lived out some big dreams in his last days, from admiring the Lincoln Memorial to visiting the Alamo to taking in the Pacific Ocean, but his owner had one stop in mind that they didn’t quite make, until now.

Thomas Neil Rodriguez of New York City brought photos of his dog Poh to the Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida, Sunday, to complete the dog’s final wish-list and meet Mickey Mouse and a few other friends, KTLA 5 reports.

In addition to joining Mickey, Poh’s photo made an appearance with Chewbacca, a Jawa and the ultimate Disney dog, Pluto.  

Thomas posted the photos to the Instagram account he made for the highlights of Poh’s trip across the country last year.  The account now has more than 130,000 followers, people who followed the dog and owner’s journey starting last year, who likely share the feeling that Thomas has about these irreplaceable friends who come into our lives for a relatively short time.

“So dear #pohthedog you are part of a lot of people’s lives, because love is contagious,” Thomas wrote on Instagram, regarding the account’s followers. “You’re adventure on this earth is now over, but you will live on, just like all our fellow pet owners who have lost their special companions.”

Even Chewbacca misses #pohthedog . #pohthedogsbigadventure continues on! #rippohthedog #shareyourears #makeawish

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Thomas began the Instagram feed and journey to make the last days with his lifelong friend special. The two had been together since Poh was 8 weeks old, and after 16 years they’d bonded strongly. But after 16 years, Poh had begun to experience the aches and pains that come along with old age and health problems that led to a terminal diagnosis last March.  

All of this might have slowed down a dog and his owner but Thomas set out to make the pup’s final moments special. He brought Poh on a 7-week cross-country trip through such U.S. landmarks as Bourbon Street in New Orleans, Austin, the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the Santa Monica Pier. He followed that with trips in July and August along the East Coast, Florida and Chicago.

Earlier this month, while on the road during another trip, Poh passed away. With his owner, he truly made the most of his last days, just as he made the most of his owner’s life.

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