Over 45,000 Pets Find Homes Through #ClearTheShelters Event

Animal shelters across the country came together last Saturday as part of a pet adoption initiative.

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More than 45,000 pets were adopted during the nationwide Clear The Shelters event. Via fort.worth.animal.shelter/Instagram
Cari Jorgensen

Nearly 700 shelters nationwide teamed up for the Clear the Shelters event last weekend. The event, put on by NBC-owned television stations and Telemundo, is a pet adoption drive that aims to help shelter animals find forever homes.

Last year’s event resulted in new homes for almost 20,000 pets. This year, the event garnered homes for more than 45,000 pets nationwide. What was scheduled to only be held Saturday, July 23, ended up lasting for three days, thanks to the many people who kept arriving at the participating shelters to adopt the animals.

Check out a few of the happy pets.

1. Adopted In Harris County, Texas

This guy looks so happy to be going home.

2. Adopted In Ramsey, New Jersey

Lily and 10 other dogs found homes during a Clear the Shelters event at Petco in Ramsey, New Jersey.

3. Adopted in Los Angeles, California

Little Bubbles the kitten stole her new owners’ hearts.

If you missed the event, don’t worry. There are lots of pets still waiting for adoption. To find a pet in your area, visit Petcha.com.

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