Outrage at Cat-Cooking Post on Social Media

A descriptive video and recipe for skinning and cooking a cat was posted to a Chinese social networking site, inciting outrage.

The Daily Mail reports that a woman in China received hate mail after she skinned and cooked a cat, then posted the video to a social networking site. The Mar. 26 news story also tells of the virulent reaction the video and photos of the cat soup making process received on Weibo, the Chinese version of Facebook.

Li Jinbang apparently killed her friend’s cat after it became injured, and documented the entire event in photos and videos, including how she skinned the cat to make soup. Her initial post read simply: “Hey, I managed to catch a tiger and ate it.”

Indeed, the cat appears to be less of a domestic breed than a wild cat. The cat’s coat is spotted and the face is elongated.

After hate mail and threats rolled in regarding the post, Jinbang defended herself by saying: ‘It was a perfectly lawful killing and I killed the cat and ate it without doing anything illegal.”

Although officially frowned upon, according to news surrounding the story, 4 million cats are eaten in the China each year. Should Western culture be more understanding of others that eat animals like dogs, cats and guinea pigs?

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