Outfitting A Ferret’s Cage

What’s the best setup for a ferret’s cage?

Q: We are a new owner of a ferret and would like to create a large cage for him to have lots of room to play while my daughter is at school. The ferret gets a lot of playtime outside the cage after school. Is there a height limit on a ferret cage? Do we have to worry about the ferret falling from the top of the cage to the bottom? Where we purchased the ferret, they had the same material in the litter pan as the bedding. Should we use two different materials to help him differentiate between where he goes potty and where he can burrow and sleep?

A: The general rule of thumb for a ferret cage is “the bigger, the better”! Go as large as you have room for and watch them enjoy it. I generally don’t worry too much about them falling, but you can always place hammocks or bedding where they may fall. I always use a litter in the litter box and old clothing, sheets, etc. for bedding.

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