Our Favorite “Dog Shamings” from September 2015

What's the worst thing your dog has ever done? We picked a few of our favorite doggie rebels!

We love our dogs, regardless of the trouble they make, but sometimes it’s fun to take note of their bad behavior. And let’s be honest misery loves company so who can blame these pet parents for wanting to commiserate with fellow dog lovers. 

We picked out a few of our favorites from the many photos posted to DogShaming.com this month.  

1. September 18 – Arbitrary Expiry Dates

Good thing it wasn’t one of those fancy high tech beds…

Dog shaming dog eats bed 

2. September 22 – I Tried to Floss

While this little guy does look adorably bewildered, it is important to note that ingesting floss can cause serious GI issues for your dog. Please keep dental floss away from your dog at all times.

dog shaming dog eats floss 


3. September 9 – Barf-ception 

I’m not sure what is better here, the pillow with the dog’s picture on it, or the stoic look on the dog’s face in both the photo and the photo-within-a-photo.


Dog shaming pillow 



4. September 15 – Paris in the wintertime 

She might be cute, but be sure to watch your back when going outside when Paris is around…

 dog shaming dog locks mom out  

5. September 12 – While Mom was cleaning elsewhere…

She must think her mom loves cleaning because she gave her an extra chore to do while she wasn’t looking!

 dog shaming mess 

Has your dog done anything “shame” worthy this month? Tell us about it in the comments below! 


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