‘Orphan’ Actress Adores Dogs

Former neighbors remember the actress’s homegrown dog shows and sunny personality.

Audiences will not soon forget young Isabelle Fuhrman’s performance as the pint-size devil-spawn who terrorizes her adoptive family in the new horror flick “Orphan.” But the 12-year-old actress’s former neighbors in Marietta, Ga., will remember the actress for something else: her love of animals.

“My dogs just adored her,” former neighbor Donna Lachance told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “She was such an animal lover. She used to hold dog shows in the neighborhood and give out prizes to the dogs.”

Lachance says Fuhrman regularly walked her two dogs, Blizzard and Gopher, before moving with her family to Los Angeles in 2006 to pursue an acting career.

“She is as sunny a human being as you’ll ever find,” Lachance says of the actress. “She’s such a sweet, adorable girl. To see her playing this scary little kid in this horror movie just shows people how good an actress she is!”

“Orphan” is in theaters now.

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