Origami Parrot

It’s the start of a new week, so I thought I’d kick it off by trying my hand at something completely challenging for me … origami! Perhaps it’s because I’m right-brained (left-handed), but tasks involving precise measurements rarely work out for me. (My dad is a gifted mechanical engineer, but sadly, I inherited nothing in the way of mathematical or engineering prowess.)

So I told Jessica that I was going to conquer this task of creating an origami parrot. I found a YouTube video that showed of a pair of hands magically turning a sheet of paper into a parrot, and I tried to follow along (thank goodness for “pause” and “rewind”). The video is 3½ minutes long, but it took me about a half hour to get through it.

I was ready to crumple up and “circular file” my over-creased paper a quarter of the way through the video because my paper wasn’t coming out like what I was seeing on screen. But I trudged on, determined to have something to show for my effort.

I showed my finished piece to the smallanimalchannel.com editor and asked her to take a guess at what it was. “A rabbit?” she said. “No wait, a dachshund?”

 Then I showed Jessica, who had even less than encouraging words. “Is that supposed to be something?”

“It’s a parrot.“ I replied. “A macaw to be exact.” So to make it more identifiable I colored it a blue-and-gold macaw using my highlighters and Sharpie. What a difference that made! “Oh, I suppose it is a parrot,” Jessica said politely, but still hesitantly.

One unexpected oddity: my parrot’s head is turned backward, like he’s looking over his shoulder, or trying to preen his neck feathers. Not sure how I managed that but I do know that it is legit parrot posture, so perhaps that makes it even more realistic?

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