Oriental Breed Snapshot

The elegant and loving Oriental just wants to share its life with you.



Something about the Oriental elicits great passion in cat people. Terms, such as ‘intense,’ ‘stunningly beautiful’ and ‘extremely devoted’ are bandied about when Oriental owners talk about their cats.

It’s not hard to see why. Orientals are exotic in appearance and have big personalities. “What I like most about the Oriental is its beauty,” says Cathy Mallary, a breeder in New York. “They’re all attractive, but the great ones, after almost 40 years, still take my breath away.”

Mallary describes Orientals as having the elegance of a sculpture and the grace of a ballet dancer. “And the faces!” she says. “The way the slanted eyes carry your attention from the slim muzzle out to the wide, flared ears doesn’t have any real comparison, for me. It’s hard to believe they’re real, sometimes.”

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