Organization Works To Pair Retired Military Dogs With Police Forces

So far, K9s4Cops has sent five dogs to police departments to work in the fight against methamphetamine.

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The Lawrence Township School District in Indianapolis has already tweeted a couple of times about the arrival of Axel to its police force. Via Lawrence Township/Twitter

The life of a military dog used to be an unceremonious one. When their service in a war zone ended, they were typically either left behind or — sadly — euthanized, according to CBS News. But that has changed in recent years and now two training and advocacy groups have teamed up to extend the careers of these brave animals, re-training them and sending them to work with police forces.

The Houston-based group K9s4Cops is spending a $25,000 grant to get five former military dogs from AMK9, a company that specializes in training dogs for detection and security services. K9s4Cops is working to get these dogs to departments in Georgia, Indiana, Nebraska, Texas and Tennessee.

The dogs are teaming with drug enforcement divisions, predominantly to battle the growing meth epidemic in their new home states. (According to CBS News, Indiana, for example, led the country in meth-related incidents last year.)

“If you were to look at these dogs and watch them, when they come back, they’re ready to work,” said Mike Thomas in an interview with CBS. Thomas is a sergeant at the Harris County Sheriff’s Department and board member of K9s4Cops.

And these veteran dogs are ready to continue serving their country and their new communities.

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