Organic Doggie Delights

New organic cookbook gives dog owners natural options.

Sure, that dry, pellet-like kibble is nutritionally complete and provides your dog with all the vitamins and minerals he needs, but how would you like to eat the same food day in and day out? Throw your dog a bone in the form of some tasty new meals.

Designed with the organically inclined dog owner in mind, “The Organic Dog Biscuit Cookbook” promotes the use of natural ingredients for maximum nutritional benefits. Authors Jessica Disbrow Talley and Eric Talley grew sick and tired of looking at dog food labels and seeing nothing but processed ingredients. “Honestly, a bacon treat should actually contain bacon, not a laundry list of chemicals and artificial ingredients, right?” they write in the book’s introduction.

With this ethos in mind, they created more than 100 recipes sure to get Max salivating. From occasion-specific fare like “All the Trimmings” (Thanksgiving) to casual options like “Grilled Cheese with Bacon” and even desserts – “Because I Carob ’Bout You” for one – there’s a meal for every mutt.

If your dog is craving something with a European flavor, try out “Asnackadopoulis,” treats that include spinach and feta cheese. For something a little more staid, take a look at “The Country Club,” which includes the sure-to-please combination of apple, cheddar, and bacon. Recipes are divided into six chapters, including 5th Ave. Decadence – “For those with richer tastes – and Because You Have Unique Tastes – “Here are some specialties that meet your needs.”

“The Organic Dog Biscuit Cookbook” is on sale now.

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