Oregon to Consider Dog Limits

Legislation prohibits owning more than 25 intact dogs; gives guidelines for care of 10 or more.

A proposed law in Oregon seeks to ban residents from having more than 25 sexually intact dogs ages 4 months or older.

House Bill 2470, set to be considered by the Oregon House Consumer Protection Committee on Monday, March 30, also imposes requirements and prohibitions on pet dealers selling dogs. The bill defines a “pet dealer” as a person who during a 12-month period sells 20 dogs, or three litters of dogs.

It also sets minimum care standards for a person who owns 10 or more intact dogs who are 4 months of age or older. For example, providing each dog with enough space to turn about freely, stand and sit, and to lie down without the head, face, tail, legs or feet of the dog touching the sides of the enclosure or touching other dogs.

A violation is subject to a maximum penalty of six months in prison, $2,500 fine, or both. Exemptions are included for animal shelters, veterinarians and research facilities.

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