Father And Son Help Save Dogs During Texas Floods

While the governor of Texas requested federal disaster relief aid, a family went out and saved dogs that became displaced during the floods.

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These two dogs were thrilled to be in the company of folks who rescued them from the floodwaters of Texas. Via DUSTYHAM/Imgur
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The severe rain and flooding in Texas that began May 26 displaced thousands of residents and their dogs. Some had only a few moments to escape the onslaught of water, causing many animals to be abandoned to fend for themselves. Others probably couldn’t get home in time or were stranded elsewhere.

During the days that followed, law enforcement personnel and ordinary citizens of the Lone Star State stepped up and helped to save countless pets that were caught in the floods during what, according to WFAA reports, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has deemed a major disaster in 46 counties in the state. Abbott has since requested federal disaster relief.

One man and his son stepped up to help save several dogs during the floods, seeking animals on a motorboat in some neighborhoods in Brazoria County, Texas, according to Reddit user DUSTYHAM. The Redditor posted several photos of his dad and younger brother saving dogs from the floodwaters.

1. The Floods Wreaked Havoc On Texas.

Floodwaters in Texas often reached to the roof lines of cars.

2. Pets Were Left Stranded When Owners Couldn’t Make It Back Home.

Help is on the way!

3. So Ordinary Texans Helped Out.

Motorboat was the only way to get from one place to another as the waters were too high for cars.

4. And It Meant Getting Wet.

Some dogs were found on the front porch, waiting to be rescued.

5. This Pup Is Happy To Be Dry.

“This isn’t a ride to the dog park, but I’ll take it.”

6. Good Work Saving Dogs!

Kudos to the family for helping to save some dogs from the 2016 Great Texas Floods.

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