ORA Debuts The Transparent Cave Goby

Fusigobius pallidus grows to about 3 inches in length and feeds on frozen foods and pellets.

Transparent cave goby. Photo by ORA

The latest captive bred fish from Oceans, Reefs & Aquariums (ORA) is the transparent cave goby (Fusigobius pallidus). This little fish grows to about 3 inches in length and are a translucent fish with orange spots on its flanks with what the facility calls a blue sheen under its fins.

The transparent cave goby hops around rock rubble in search of small crustaceans to eat as well as to protect its territory from other gobies. Since successfully captive breeding these fish, ORA has them eating pellets and frozen foods. ORA recommends just a single goby in a square foot of space, though a few can be kept in larger aquariums. The transparent cave goby can be hails from the Maldives and Fiji and can be found in rock rubble.

ORA is the largest marine ornamental fish hatchery in North America and has been successfully hatching a variety of saltwater fish since 1996. The facility offers a variety of captive bred clownfish, gobies, dotty backs, assessors, blennies, dragonets, cardinalfish and seahorses as well as hard and soft corals. For more information, visit www.orafarm.com

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