Opera Australia Hosted A ‘Doggie Day’ And It Was Just As Fabulous As You Imagine

The canine attendees dressed up perfectly for the occasion.

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When's the last time you left the house looking as dapper as this little guy? Via Opera Australia/Facebook

For most of us, a night at the opera conjures images of a formal evening that involves formal performances and a very formal commitment to pretending to understand what’s happening onstage. But that wasn’t the case yesterday when Opera Australia hosted a “Doggie Day at the Opera.” Oh sure, there was an emotional performance of “Nessun dorma,” but the crowd was decidedly less stuffy — and more likely to bark at tenor Simon Kim — than usual.

Opera Australia’s free event looked like it was a great success, and a lot of fun for both the canine and human participants. The dogs were encouraged to dress up (or to be dressed up) and, according to the Opera, it had a costume box filled with outfits and accessories for the two-legged attendees to try on. The well-dressed pets included a little lion and a bigger one, a floral patterned Dachshund and one dapper gentledog in a tiny tuxedo.

The song that Kim performed was from Puccini’s opera “Turandot” but, for a couple of hours on Sydney Harbor, it was OK if you read that as “Turandog.” Here are a few pictures of some of the sharp-dressed attendees.

1. This dog took Coco Chanel’s advice: Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.

2. This bold pattern was a good choice. Floral is so in right now.

3. So who had to tell this guy that he wasn’t there to see “The Lion King”?

4. Sometimes a little tulle and a splash of turquoise are all you need to feel pretty.

5. This rakish gentleman is perfectly dressed for the crisp fall weather.

6. Cheer up, fella. Running into someone who’s wearing the same thing as you can be a fantastic conversation starter.

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