Open Sore Won’t Heal On Ferret

What are treatment options for a wound on a ferret’s hindquarters that is lingering after more than a month of treatment?

Q: My veterinarian cannot seem to cure the open sore on my ferret’s hindquarters. After more than a month it is no better. I have read that antimicrobial soap and an antibiotic spray might help.

A: This is an unusual condition. Open wounds on ferrets usually heal on their own very quickly. The fact that this one is still present, more than a month later, leads me to believe this wound is unusual.

If the wound is in an area of much movement, for example, over a joint rather than just over a large muscle, this will prevent a wound from healing. It may be that all that needs to be done is immobilize the area for a week or so to allow the skin to heal.

But if there is an infection, such as a bacteria or fungus that is in the wound, this will prevent healing. After a month, it is likely that soap will not be enough to destroy the bacteria or fungus. Likely, topical medication or oral medication prescribed by your veterinarian may be needed, along with a medical-strength antibacterial cream placed on the wound area.

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