Only One Word Makes This Lazy Dog Get Out Of Bed

You won't guess what his owner says to make him run out the door — but it's not "treat."

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There's only one thing that can make this lazy boy get out of bed.

I am not a morning person. I hit the snooze bar until the last possible second, refuse to open my eyes until I’ve had at least two cups of coffee and do not greet the day as much as I resent it until mid-afternoon. This dog gets me.

In a YouTube video posted by Kyoot Animals, a dog named Maximus wants no part of getting out of bed, regardless of how many times his owner grabs his paw, rubs his head or (lovingly) calls him a big baby.

“Would you get off the bed for a treat?” she asks in a YouTube video that captures Max’s hall-of-fame laziness. “Not even a treat? No?”

"A treat? No, I'm good right here." Via Kyoot Animals/YouTube

“A treat? No, I’m good right here.” Via Kyoot Animals/YouTube

No. Maximus is only moving for one thing, a single one-syllable word (two syllables, if you’re British) that causes him to jump to all fours, leap off the mattress and run out of the bedroom. It takes a full minute for his owner to deploy her secret weapon, but when she does, look out. No, seriously, look out, because Max is racing out the door.

Max might be disappointed when he realizes he’s been tricked. Or he might spend an entire night trying to teach himself how to yell “Hot Bacon!” or “Free Donuts!” just so he can get his owner’s hopes up the next morning. That would totally work on me.

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