Online Retailer MarineDepot Launches Livestock Store

MarineDepot Live will sell aquacultured and tank raised corals and other invertebrates as well as fish when possible.

Clownfish. Via Teddy Hartanto/Flickr, an online purveyor of marine and reefkeeping equipment has launched, the company’s re-entry into the marine livestock business. The company originally launched in 2001 as a source for saltwater aquarium species but left the market in 2009 to focus on the company’s aquarium and pet supply business.

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The company’s re-entry puts them back in the space where they started more than 12 years ago. The website, currently has a selection of corals and clams, but no fish as of yet. They say that they will work with responsible suppliers and will offer aquacultured and tank raised animals whenever it is possible for them to do so. Today is the grand opening, and the site is currently offering 20 percent off for the first 20 customers. You can check it out at


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