ONEdersave Products EcoBio-Planter Review

ONEdersave Products' EcoBio-Planter can help with growing plants and adding filtration in an aquarium.

The new EcoBio-Planter utilizes the ONEdersave EcoBio-Block technology of nitrifying bacteria (and a place for them to live) in a planter for use in a planted aquarium. It is an excellent addition to the existing EcoBio line of aquarium water-clarifying products.

EcoBio Planter

The Claims
ONEdersave claims that the EcoBio-Planter combines the proven effectiveness of the EcoBio-Block in a natural-looking planter for aquarium plants, which both improves the health of the plant and also of the overall aquarium ecosystem.

The Test
I tested the EcoBio-Planter in two applications. One was with a bamboo plant in the spray of an indoor waterfall; the other was with a red Nymphaea lily in my 300-gallon display aquarium. Both EcoBio-Planters were used for a month or so.

The Results
I tested the effectiveness of the EcoBio-Block a few years ago, and I use these products in all of my aquariums (both display aquariums and the aquariums in my wholesale fish room). The nature of the composition of the EcoBio-Block, along with the bacteria that it is inoculated with make the EcoBio-Block technology effective. Use of the EcoBio-Block itself definitely adds to the health and clarity of an aquarium.

I was most interested in testing the effect that the EcoBio-Planter had on plants. If the product leads to better aquatic plant growth, that would be additional testimony to its effectiveness in removing nitrates. The bamboo in the waterfall grew well, but I couldn’t test how well it grew versus bamboo growing in other conditions. The red lily in the 300-gallon aquarium was a different story. I planted a red Nymphaea lily bulb in the EcoBio-Planter and in the substrate on either side of the EcoBio-Planter. In three weeks, the difference was obvious. The red Nymphaea in the EcoBio-Planter was almost twice the size of the lilies from the bulbs I had planted on either side of it.

The EcoBio-Block is a proven technology; it is a product that clearly contributes to the health of any aquarium in which it is used. The combination of the special stone and cement composition of all of the EcoBio-Block family of products, along with the beneficial bacteria seeded in the products, are effective in any aquarium. The previous EcoBio products were not as ornamental as the planter. By combining the proven EcoBio-Block technology with a planter, there is now an attractive and even better way of improving the health of any aquarium.

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