One Man’s Care For His Old Dog Shows Kindness At Its Best

This video of a man pulling his old dog around in a homemade cart will melt your heart.

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Watching the crowds go by in comfort. Via YouTube

The Ancient Greek storyteller Aesop once said, “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

And a touching YouTube video posted by Adam Cox illustrates this thought, highlighting one man’s generosity when it comes to his dog.

The video begins with an older looking dog, wrapped in a blanket, sitting in a clear, plastic, storage bin container in a park. A few people stop to pet and show the dog some love before his owner — who is sitting next to him on a wooden bench — gets up to leave.

Time to go! Via YouTube

Time to go! Via Adam Cox/YouTube

The man grabs a rope attached to the bin and with the help of the container’s small wheels, he leaves the area, his dog in tow.

The video ends with the quote, “Try to be as nice a person as your dog thinks you are.” And with the way the man lovingly looks at his dog and has created a way for the old pooch to still enjoy the outdoors, we’re sure the elderly man’s demonstration of love is not wasted… and that his dog definitely thinks he’s an alright guy.

Riding off into the sunset ... together. Via YouTube

Riding off into the sunset… together. Via Adam Cox/YouTube

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