One-Eyed Rescue Cat Is Also A Superstar Surfer

Kuli is a one-eyed cat who lives in Hawaii and rides his own boogie board. Sounds like a kids' movie just waiting to happen.

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Kuli, chilling here on his boogie board, is the very definition of a cool cat. Via KuliTheSurfingCat/Instagram

Anyone who has ever tried to give their cat a bath knows that most cats and water go together about as well as the girl from “The Exorcist” and a guy with a clerical collar. But Nānākuli, who goes by Kuli, isn’t just any cat. The Honolulu, Hawaii-based rescue cat loves to surf, and he is able to hang ten even though he only has one eye.

Kuli’s owners, Alexandra Gomez and Krista Littleton, told the Daily Mail that the beautiful orange and white cat had to have one of his eyes removed when he was only four months old. Following the surgery, Kuli had to have frequent baths, which his owners believe helped him learn to feel comfortable in the water.

Perhaps sensing that he might enjoy it, Gomez and Littleton started taking him into the ocean with them. That led to Kuli riding on their surfboards before he graduated to a board of his own.

A photo posted by @kulithesurfingcat on

“For a while I took Kuli out on my long boards, but it wasn’t until I was playing around with a boogie board one day that I realized he really loved to get his claws into the foamy material,” Gomez told the Daily Mail. “So we bought a board that Kuli would be able to get out on the surf with.”  

Now Kuli is a regular on the beach, swimming and surfing with the best of them. So maybe the key to getting your own cat to enjoy the water is moving to Hawaii? That certainly can’t hurt.

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