You Are One Cardboard Tube Away From Making Your Cat A Moon Cat

We’ll be looking at the moon but we’ll be seeing yoooooooo.

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The night sky will never look the same. Via Michael Clarke/Twitter
Anastasia Thrift

If you’ve taken a lot of cat pictures, you might ask yourself: “What’s next?” Well now you can answer yourself: “Moon Cat.”

Moon Cat came from the mind of Twitter user Michael Clarke and seems to be the latest in cat picture trends. Clarke posted a picture peering down the length of a paper towel tube to his cat, and the results are stellar.

He received several replies with new takes on the Moon Cat trick.

1. Little Lunar Kitty

Looks a little more like Venus, it’s so tiny.

2. Bailer Moon

Some moons are less cooperative than others.

3. Lunar Eclipse

See you on the dark side of the moon.

4. Moon Faced

If you believed, they put a cat on the moon.

5. Interstellar

We are stardust. Including cats.

6. Planet Sourpuss

“Over the moon? Over it.”

7. Half-Cat Moon

Waxing? Waning? Waiting for you to hurry up and take the picture.

7. Moon Cat Fail

You’re doing it wrong.

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