On the Road Again

Planning a vacation with your cat? Follow these safety tips for summer travel.

Cats in Cars
Many cats have a hard time traveling in the car; the heat gets to them, and they often get carsick. When taking your cat on a road trip, remember the following rules:

1. Never leave your cat in a parked car, even in the shade. Cats can become overheated and die of heat exhaustion.

2. Strap down your cat’s carrier with a seatbelt or rope to prevent it from sliding during sudden stops.

3. Drape damp towels over your cat’s carrier, to keep it cool in warm weather.

4. Keep a bag of dry food for your cat to munch on along the way, as well as cold bottles of water and bowls, so your cat can keep its strength up.

5. Keep a cat harness and leash in the car at all times, so your cat can go outside to stretch its legs and eliminate. Never take your eyes off your cat, even when it’s on a leash; it’s extremely easy for a cat to slip away unnoticed.

Air Travel
1. If you need to transport more than one cat, make sure to ask whether the airline has a one animal per person/per carrier rule.

2. Be sure that your cat can fly in the cabin with you. Check with booking agents and airline reservation supervisors to confirm this before your flight.

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