Olympic Athletes and the Dogs they Love

All of America will be cheering to have these Olympians home, but these four-legged friends will be barking the loudest.

John Daly. NBC Olympics / USOC

Meet the U.S. Olympic athletes and the dogs who can’t wait for them to get home!

John Daly

Dog: Bella

Breed:  She is a Collie/Lab mix (but looks like an extra hairy black lab)

Age:  About 3

Where did you get her: We adopted her from the North Shore Animal League (on Long Island, NY)

Favorite personality trait: She doesn’t lick anything at all – it’s kind of hilarious.  I mean, most dogs do, right?  She will only lick good food and really nothing else.  Another favorite trait (also part of why she’d be good at sports) is that she is not bothered by anything and never gets upset.

What kind of Olympian would she be: She is super calm and only likes short sprints, so skeleton would be perfect!  She’s very fast and she keeps her cool all the time.  Definitely a gold-medal in man’s best friend!

Jocelyne Lamoureux
Ice Hockey

Dog: Lucy

Breed: Beagle

Age: 10

Where did you get here: From a shelter

Favorite personality trait: I love how she lounges like she owns the place.

What kind of Olympian would she be: She would be a gymnast – very fast and can jump really high!

Jocelyne Lamoureux. NBC Olympics / USOC


Jayson Terdiman

Name: Roxy (white chest) and Mugsy

Breed: Female Boxer, Male Boxer/Pit Bull mix

Age: 3

Where did you get them: I rescued them in PA during the flood of Hurricane Irene

What are your favorite traits: They’re both so adventurous and fun-loving.  And they really love each other.  

What kind of Olympians would they be: If they were Olympic athletes they’d be in Track and Field – probably decathletes.  They can run, jump, catch – pretty much anything.

Jayson Terdiman with his dogs. NBC Olympics / USOC

Charlie White
Pairs Ice Dance with Meryl Davis

I have a dog named Donna Jo, or DJ for short.  She’s a half Bichon half Cavalier, and she’s the easiest going dog I’ve ever seen.  If you want to play, she’s happy to join in.  If you want to just be lazy, she’ll be lazy right next to you.  She’s the perfect companion for every occasion.  She even comes to some of the closer competitions.

Charlie White. NBC Olympics / USOC Charlie White's Dog Donna Jo. NBC Olympics / USOC

Chas Guldemond
Snowboarding / Slopestyle

Lucy and Tucker are my dogs… they are pretty famous.. been on tv and in  mags. They go everywhere with me.  I love hiking with my wife and two dogs. When people ask if we have children we tell them “no human kids yet – just our two furry ones”.

Chas Guldemond with his dogs. NBC Olympics / USOC

Gracie Gold
Ladies’ Figure Skating

I have a 17-month old Japaense Chin named Yoshi.  He is sweet, loving and the newest addition to our family. His playful antics keep us in stitches! I am a bit biased, but I think he might be the best dog ever! He travels with us everywhere. He is the unofficial mascot of Center Ice in Glen Ellyn. Everyone knows and greets him.  If he were an Olympian, he’d definitely be a skater.  Very fast, graceful and gets right back up when he falls!

Watch Yoshi’s Vine Video>>

Justin Reiter
Snowboarding / Parallel Giant Slalom

My wife and I have a dog named Drake.  He is a 3 year old lab puppy.  He is the apple of our eye.  I am pretty biased but I would rate him as a top 3 dog in the world behind Lassie and Snoopy. 

He skis with my wife and me on long ski tours through the Elk Mountains (20 Miles).  He is trained to ski in between my legs on descents to avoid injury and distraction to other skiers.  He is trained also to listen to commands while mountain biking.  BREAK means he may lead, BACK means he needs to follow behind, and OVER means clear the trail i.e. move to the side.  I am still working on getting him trained to fish with me.  Right now he is a touch over-zealous to chill on the river bank.

Justin Reiter. NBC Olympics / USOC Justin Reiter's dog Drake. NBC Olympics / USOC

Lowell Bailey

Name: Flo (short for Florence)

Breed: Who knows – human?

Age: 12 years old

Where did you get her:  She was a stray that my girlfriend at the time and I found in Virginia on a vacation.  She has been a loyal companion for the last ten years.

Favorite traits of your dog:  My favorite thing about her is her ability to give a look that will usually disarm most innocent bystanders into either petting her or giving her food.

What kind of Olympian would she be?  She would be a bi-athlete of course! She’s good at two things, running and barking, so I’m sure this could be worked into to some sort of Canine Biathlon.

Lowell Bailey with his dog. NBC Olympics / USOC Lowell Bailey's dog. NBC Olympics / USOC

Maddie Bowman
Freeskiing / Halfpipe

I have a doggie who is my pride and joy. His name is Charlie and he is a yellow lab.   He is so sweet and loves to play – anytime, anywhere. He’s up for anything!  He’s pretty ditsy but he is so cute!!! Our favorite activity is wrestling. We also take him mountain biking and to the beach with us. He really is the only ‘person’ that without a doubt can lift my spirits.

Maddie Bowman and her Dog. NBC Olympics / USOC

Nick Goepper
Freeskiing / Slopestyle

I actually dog-sat to make the money I needed to buy skis and passes when I was younger and really loved that job.  But I LOVE my dog Suki!  She has so much personality. Growing up in a crazy household of 4 kids and two adults has given her the funniest and most enjoyable personality.  She loves to play but can be super chill too.

Nick Goepper. Twitter


Gus Kenworthy

He may not be an official dog owner yet, but he has been working hard to bring home four adorable, stray puppies he found in Sochi. Read more>>

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