Ollie? Love Of Laundry

I wish I had my conure Ollie’s enthusiasm for doing laundry. It’s not so much that I hate loading the washing machine, it’s that I hate removing clothes from the dryer. Folding is not my forte. I feel guilty whenever I venture into a store like the Gap and pick up a perfectly folded shirt … when I try to refold it to put it back, it looks like a toddler manhandled it.

If Ollie were human, he would be a folding machine. I can’t walk by with a load of laundry without him landing on my shoulder for a better look. He sways and coos over laundry as if it were the best thing on earth. His ideal of the greatest day ever would be sitting on top of a big pile of laundry and rubbing his face against it or picking up smaller items, like socks, to test their dexterity. A close second to the laundry pile is watching the clothes go into the washing machine. I have to be watchful though because, as the picture shows, he likes to perch right on the edge. You would think he was a tourist admiring Niagara Falls.

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