Ollie Doesn? Believe In Oversleeping

No need for an alarm clock in my house. If I sleep past 7AM, like this morning, my nanday Ollie reminds me that he’s waiting, waiting, waiting for me to take him into the shower. Yes, there’s no sleeping through a series of hi-pitched conure screeches. I overslept because I underslept during the night (sleep interrupted by my 2-year-old son who wasn’t feeling well).

After my morning shower with Ollie (taking helm on the shower caddy), I continued getting for work. Once dressed, I peeled back a banana; the top inch went to the bunny for his morning treat, I cut off another bit for Ollie and the rest was for me. I dropped Ollie’s piece in his treat dish but soon realized “No Ollie.” I retraced my steps and there was Ollie, still on the shower caddy, with a stray wet head feather standing straight up like Alfalfa from the old “My Gang” show.

Sleep deprivation, I’ve read, has been linked to memory loss. Perhaps it also makes you a little hard of hearing because I’m certain I otherwise would have heard Ollie throwing the shampoo bottle and to the shower floor, next to the loofah sponge.

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