This Pig Thinks She’s A Dog And Is Loving Every Minute Of It

A pig named Olive has spent so much time around her dog siblings that she basically thinks she is one.

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Olive is definitely living her best life. Via abbylovephotography1/Instagram

It really doesn’t get much cuter than an animal who thinks she’s a different species.

Olive the pig lives in Sydney, Australia, with three dog siblings named Lola, Tilly and Alfie, and they spend so much time together that Olive basically thinks she’s a dog.

Olive is 8 months old, and was adopted by Alissa and Nick Childs, who also have goats and chickens. Alissa is a photographer, and shares the adorable adventures of her motley crew on her Instagram page @abbylovephotography1.

“She definitely behaves as though she is one of the dogs. She spends every hour of the day with them, plays with them like a dog, she naps with them. If the dogs run at the gate to bark at something in the street, she races with them,” Alissa told Mashable Australia.

Here are some of this squad’s cutest moments.

1. Piggy Smooch

Hey Alfie, don’t tell anyone but… I love you ???? #shhhhh #olivethepig #pig #bostonterrier

A photo posted by A Pig & 3 Dogs ???????????????????? (@abbylovephotography1) on

Olive giving Alfie a kiss on the cheek, with her eyes closed, might be the sweetest sight ever.

2. Delivering Big News

The fur children have some news they would like to share with you! ????????????????????

A photo posted by A Pig & 3 Dogs ???????????????????? (@abbylovephotography1) on

A new member of the crew, coming soon!

3. Pig Under The Bed

Hadn’t heard my noisy pig for a while so I went looking, and found these two power napping under our bed ???????? #stopbeingsocute #icantcope

A photo posted by A Pig & 3 Dogs ???????????????????? (@abbylovephotography1) on

When this little piggy wants to snooze, she grabs her pup siblings and takes a nap under the bed.

4. Fetch For All

It’s moments like these when I know that Olive 100% has NO IDEA that she is a pig ???? ???????????????? #pig #britishbulldog #bostonterrier #frenchbulldog

A video posted by A Pig & 3 Dogs ???????????????????? (@abbylovephotography1) on

Just a pig playing with a bunch of dogs, NBD.

5. Pajama Time

Alfonse telling bedtime stories to his baby sis Olive ???????????? #babypig #bigbrotherduties #instagrampetphotos

A photo posted by A Pig & 3 Dogs ???????????????????? (@abbylovephotography1) on

It’s clear that Olive’s bedtime game is strong, and Alfie needs to give pj’s a try.

6. All Hail Queen Olive

Not sure if this is cleaning or nudging, but Olive is clearly enjoying it.

7. Sneaky Piggy

Olive’s inherent silliness is unmatched. I mean, THAT FACE. What is she thinking?

8. Afternoon Stroll

Tilly and Olive are clearly having a deep conversation here.

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