Older Ferret Causes Younger Ferret To Forget Training

How can you successfully train two ferrets if one ferret leads the other astray?

Q: My well-trained younger ferret keeps getting into trouble because my older ferret isn’t well-trained and leads him astray. What can I do to prevent my older ferret from being a bad influence on my younger ferret?

A: You don’t get into any specifics regarding your ferrets‘ training or behavior trouble, but in general you have a couple of options.

First, work on training the older ferrets as well as you have trained the younger one. That way both ferrets have the same knowledge and skills.

Second, work on the specific behavior issues that the ferrets are now sharing. If it is litter-box training, then retrain both ferrets together to remind the younger ferret and give the older ferret a chance to learn.

In some cases, you may have to separate the ferrets or pay closer attention to the older ferret to make sure the younger ferrets keeps his good habits.

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